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Thank you for this nice app. I would have 2 suggestions :

1 - on small watch like Forunner 55, do you think it could be possible to have a parameter to adjust lines thickness on the map ? I think it’s à little bit too wide.

2 - i have not tested but i think if we have not choosen offline map and we have no connexion, we still have a line for the route.
Do you think it could be possible to choose running with the map or with the line ( like a worm navigation )
I think in some case and with any small watches it could be faster.

Hi, thinner lines might be possible. Could you share a screenshot/photo of the lines on the 55?

I’m not sure I understand your second question. When using the app in online or offline mode the route line should always be visible by design. Maps are only visible offline if you download them along the route.

Are you asking to hide the route line as an option in offline mode? It’s possible, but I can’t see why you would. You obviously need a route loaded to allow it to know which parts of the map to download.

Capture d’écran 2023-04-12 185531
Capture d’écran 2023-04-12 185559
Capture d’écran 2023-04-12 185616
Capture d’écran 2023-04-12 185635
Capture d’écran 2023-04-12 185653

My second suggestion was to have an option to disable the map display and only keep a line for the route and green arrow for actual position.
Like worm navigation… ( like with WormNav app )

Sometimes, when there is too much trails on the same screen, it could be easyer to navigate and also faster to display on low memory watches.

I also have a 3rd suggestion : would it be possible to have an option to invert the direction of the route ?