View Route Elevation Profile on 645 Music


I can’t find the option to make one of the data fields the Route Elevation Profile on my Forerunner 645 Music, which is on the list for being compatible with this feature. I have version 0.0.40 of the app installed, and up to date watch firmware. Any ideas?



It think this should work. The route elevation profile can only be places in the middle two fields of each data screen, or on the map screen.

Can you please check whether it is in the list for field 2 and 3 on those screens.

If not let me know and we’ll investigate.


Hi David,

Thanks for the swift reply. Attached is what I see for fields 2 and 3.



It turns out I can switch a field to Route Profile through the watch, but not through the Connect IQ app. Hope that helps other 645 Music owners!

Hi, Missed your first reply. Apologies.

Not sure exactly why it doesn’t appear in the app, but we’ll take a look. It’s likely because it’s a little different to the other available fields and only available on some watches.