Venu 2 plus offline mode

I have tried to use Venu 2 plus offline without my phone, but the problem is that it doesn’t work. Venu 2 plus simply says “no bluetooth connection” when trying to activate the library where the route is located.
Then I have to get my phone, choose the route on the watch, then go back and store my phone wherever, and thereafter it works offline. It might be a design by choice, but it would be nice if the downloaded map “offline experimental” default could be accessed without a phone tagging along.

I would like to walk / drive to a location and then leave my phone in the car, go to the location where my run is starting, and then activate the pre-downloaded map. Is that possible?

On the positive note I am impressed with what you have achieved with the limitations Garmin gave you, and when started up with the downloaded map “offline experimental”, for now the map works 100%. Made a 8,5km run today without any issues, it is solid work :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi. Thanks for trying it out. You should be able to choose the route and download the map before you go out on your walk and not have to have your phone.

At what point are you choosing the route? The watch needs an internet connection both to download the route and the map, but you can do that at any time in advance.

Are you saying this doesn’t work for you?

Hi David
With a online phone I choose the route and afterwards download the map and choose/activate the route, and thereafter leave the car it works.
But if I have normal watch settings with no phone around and choose the Mappily app and try to select the pre-downloaded map/route it doesn’t work if the phone is not around.

It would be nice to be able to choose a pre downloaded map/route without the phone being connected. If I swipe to the left during a run the program will terminate and without a phone I will not be able to reactivate the Mappily app again, it is nice to have a robust solution for unforeseen events.

Solution could be to download the map + route, then the phone is not needed for pre downloaded map + route. Current the Mappily program can download the map but needs a phone connection to download the route, is that correct?

The app needs a connection to download the route and the map, but that should not be lost when you exit the application.

If you come back later and start the app the same route and map will be loaded. You can see the currently loaded map at the top of the Offline map menu.

Can you double check whether this is the behaviour you see? This is what happens on my vivoactive.

Regarding swiping left, if you have a run in progress the app will prompt you if you accidentally try to leave.

Hi David

The swipe left prevents me from exiting with route enabled, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

But turning the bluetooth off after loading map + route + starting routing and thereafter exiting the Mappily app is somewhat problematic, because when reentering the Mappily app without bluetooth connection makes it fail with a IQ + orange ? Mark.

As soon as I turn on the bluetooth again the IQ + orange ? Mark disappears and everything is back to normal.

If I turn off the phone’s wifi connection leaving bluetooth on everything is ok I guess the map and route i stored on the phone.

This sounds like a bug. Thanks for highlighting. We’ll take a look at try to fix it.