Turn by turn notification

Hi there!
I tried out this new feature but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. The notification won’t show up. It’s turned on in the settings. I have a Forerunner 935.
I saved the route offline.
Any help?

Thank you!

Sorry to hear that.

Are you entirely offline when you’re using it? Cna you try being connected to the phone as an experiment to see if that fixes it? I wonder if there’s a problem with offline turn by turn directions in some cases.

Any chance you could share the gpx/fit file of the activity so I could see what the problem is? If so, please email it to user-support@mappily.info


Hi there,

Nope. I was not offline. My watch was still connected to my phone with mobile data on. I sent you the gpx file.

OK. I have the gox file you shared. I’ll take a look and see whether there’s something obvious.

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Tried a similar route without saving it offline and still nothing. Would be nice if you find the bug

Hi - just so everyone can understand the issues, the turn by turn isn’t currently supported on this watch, however the option is still in the menu. We’re looking at whether it’s possible to turn it on without overloading the watch

I have tried on forunner 55 and it looks it’s also not supported.

Hi - Yes, this is also a low memory watch and the option was accidentally shown but doesn’t currently work. There’s a fix for this in the works. With luck we might be able to enable it, otherwise we’ll have to hide the option and make it clear it doesn’t work on these watches due to lack of memory

A fix for this has been released and you should be able to use turn notifications on all supported watches now.

I’ve made a quick test.
Now notifications appartement on FR55.
I’ll test it next week-end.

I’ve noticed great response from the Dev. This app and forum should have people all over it. Keep up the sterling work.