Track visualisation and breadcrumb option

Today I hiked a rather complex track on my venu2 with the mappily app. I succeeded :).
Some suggestions I was thinking off.

  • The small blue arrows indicating the track do get sometimes difficult to interpret when the track makes switchbacks or crosses itself. Would it be possible to make a full line with a little arrows every x distance? I like the arrows to know the direction but lack some full line.

  • breadcrumbs:
    Again to know where you have been, a different colored line where you have been would help alot to know where you should go when a track crosses itself multiple times.

This app is the best out there, I tried all. Its quick, accurate, intuitive. For sure buying the full version.


Thanks for the suggestions. New ideas are always welcome.

The application is right at the limit of what a number of garmin watches can display on the screen at once, and so some compromises have been made to ensure the app remains performant. Importantly we’re very careful to be sure it doesn’t crash the watch.

Plotting both a line and arrows potentially adds large numbers of points to be drawn and increases the processing time. Using arrows-only also ensures that you don’t hide the underlying paths/roads, wihch was a problem a number of beta testers reported as an issue.

Adding breadcrumbs has been asked for but causes a similar potential issue. One possibility we’re considering is to display the most recent few breadcrumbs to give an indication of where you last came from. This is the approach Wahoo devices take. Please keep an eye out for future updates.

A few things that might help in the meantime:

  • You will get a line view of the route if you zoom out twice (to 120m zoom or more). This may help in those situations you need a line for working out where you are.

  • You can also adjust the size of the arrows between large and small using the view settings on the watch, and in 5 more granular increments (1->5) using the connect app. This may may them easier to distinguish in certain situations.

Glad you like the app and please continue to provide feedback.

Version 0.0.40 has just been released which has breadcrumbs for high-memory devices (excludes ForeRunner and other non-music watches).

Great! Thanks for the detailed reply. It made me understand better the limitations.
I’ll test it out :+1: