Registering Venu sq


I am trying to register my Venu sq, but I am having a problem following the instructions under “Add a Device” on the website.

I have downloaded the app. Where it says on the website “Please choose your device from the list below” I choose “Other Touchscreen Device”.

Then, Instruction 1: “Ensure your watch is connected to an internet connected phone” - ok.

Instruction 2: “Open the Mappily application menu as below (First press is a long press).” So I open the Mappily application on my Venu sq, and try to follow the sequence indicated in the animation at the bottom of the screen on the webpage. On my Venu sq I see the initial screen (with “Waiting for GPS” etc.), on which (apparently) I should do a long press on the small triangle in the centre of the screen above where it says “Activity Running”.

But nothing happens when I do a long press (or a short press or anything else): I cannot bring up the menu.

There must be a trick to bringing up the menu on this device: what is it, please?

Thanks, Andrew

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. It’s quite bizarre that Garmin have so many ways of opening the in-app menu on different watches.

From memory you may need to choose Venu, in the instructions as the Venu, Venu 2 and Square should all be the same. I believe it’s a long press on the bottom right button to open the menu.

Let us know if you can’t get it working and we’ll sort it out.

Any questions, get in touch.

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We’ll fix that asap.