Possible to add 40/20m offline maps?

Really a fantastic app, I bought it long before the trail expired. I love that you are adding new features and keep developing the app.
The new breadcrum trail is really good in areas with lots of trails to be able to navigate more easily.

I have one suggestion/question: Would it be possible (on devices with more memory) to add 40 m or 20 m offline maps for the current route? I have the Venu 2. That would be so awesome!

Kind regards, Jonas

Hi - welcome and thanks for taking the time to get in touch.

What was the reason you wanted 20/40m maps? From memory the 80m maps have all the detail that you’d get at 20 or 40m


Thank you for your quick reply.

I’ll try to explain. Yes, you can se the same amount of trails in the 80 m map as in the 40/20m but that for me is kind of the reason why I often in the areas I hike would like to have offline maps with a closer zoom than 80m.
The areas I hike in have a lot of trails so it’s often very hard to see what trail I should choose or when to turn when coming to eg a crossroad, with 40/20m maps it’s so much easier for me to navigate.
80m zoom is perfect when hiking in an area with not so many trails but it gets to zoomed out and cluttered when I’m in a dense area.

For me with 40/20m offline maps and the new breadcrumb feature, it would 100% negate the need to think about upgrading to eg the Epix. You would have created the perfect navigation maps app for a watch that does not provide mapping natively. Bravo!

I see. I guess you don’t have any signal in these situations, because otherwise zooming in will dynamically load the sections you need.

It’s possible that storing larger zooms will cause some watches to have memory issues. Double the zoom is 4x the number of map sections and each section takes up some working memory.

We’ll have a think and if others request it we might do something.


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