Offline maps limitations

Today I was trying offline maps feature on two 17km routes. I know that it is in the experimental state, but I want to know what are the limitation of that feature. I’m planning to use mappily on multi-day trip (±100km/day) with limited internet access.

  1. Approximately how many km of maps can be downloaded to the watch? I know that there is around 1MB limit per Garmin application. I’ve load my route, download offline maps, and checked on my phone that around 0,5MB of data was downloaded. I disabled bluetooth connection in my phone and map dissapeared after 3km (10 min). I switched BT connection and online maps works ok. In the middle of my trip I switched route and downlod maps once again. As previously they dissapeared after couple of kilometers. Watch: Forerunner 255
  2. When I switch route and download offline maps it lasts around 5 minutes, and I can’t see the route during that time.

This is a bit strange. It should complain if it can’t download the whole route to the watch. If you can share the GPX of the route (or the name of the route under your account) I can take a look at a possible cause.

HI - I’ve tried the routes you sent me on the simulator and I’m not able to recreate this problem. Could you confirm exactly where on the route you shared this screenshot is from? Is it from the part I have taken a screenshot from?

You may want to try recreating the routes on a route planning app rather than using the auto-generated route from the GPX (see my other post on complicated routes), to see if this is any better.

I’ll continue to try to recreate, otherwise we’ll have to come up with another idea to pin down the issue. I’d be interested to know if it happens at exactly the same point every time, or perhaps it is failing to download the route but not alerting you to that fact. If that was the case it would stop showing the map as soon as you turned bluetooth off and moved to a new map section.


I confirm that it’s the same spot.
It happens in different places. I tried to download map 3 times during this trip. It was downloaded without errors, and it shows for some time, then dissapear. I need to turn on bluetooth, download map again, turn off bluetooth and then I have a map for a while.