Integration with route planning

Hi. This app is amazing, and has been an absolute godsend when I’m running somewhere unfamiliar.

It would be amazing if it was possible to create a direct connection to my account. The main advantage (for me at least) over for route planning is that has Ordnance Survey maps, which are very useful where I live! At the moment I can download routes as gpx files then upload to Mappily, but it would be the icing on the cake for them to appear in my Mappily account the way starred Strava routes do.

Thanks again for devloping such a great app, and pricing it affordably.

Hi, and welcome!

It’d unlikely that would want us pulling routes from their application website, and they need to create a way to gain access, which a little investigation tells me doesn’t currently exist.

I’m not sure whether you can sync ridewithgps with, in which case you could create routes there and have them sync to both our app and that app automatically.