Great App but gets stuck on lapping and remaining route distance question


great app. I will buy it for sure.
Just for you info. As long as I don’t touch the screen it works great. I tried it three times on the garmin venu 3 with different walks, but after swiping accidentely to much from left to right to leave the data screens it said lap one and got stuck on the blue circle with information. The whole watch became unresponsive and i had to restart. This happened on all my three walks. It would be great if only the down right button would do the lapping thing. Not some swipe. I also have to get used to the Garmin UI. It is quite difficult as a Garin newbie what swiping and touching the screen and buttons do.

During the walks people asked how many kilometers still left. I had no idea. It would be great if this was possible to see that in a data screen. You have no clue where you are or how far you are in the route. You can try to calculate your self of course. with avg speed and time walked. But I am not sure if this is technically possible for you to code or something.

Greetings and thanks for your work. This app is great


You can lock the screen during an activity, either automatically, or manually from the main watch menu to avoid accidental touches or swipes.

It should be a long hold on one of the buttons to open that menu when the app is open.

If you can recreate it crashing, that would enable me to check how its happening. Please let me know.

We dont currently provide the ‘remaining route distance’ as a metric, but its possible. We’ll think about adding itm