GPS not moving after starting the activity


I’m using Mappily in Forerunner 55, and lately, I’m having trouble:

  1. When starting mappily ‘connect-iq app’, the screen and map get loaded as usual…, and continue loading route as well.
  2. Starting activity, then the map doesn’t ‘update’, but the numbers like time distance speed etc is counting.
  3. I try ‘ignore’ about the issue thinking that probably the display is not updating…, but after I finished it, the GPS map is not saved. - in the end the activity considered as ‘treadmill indoor running’.

anyone had similar trouble?

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There’s a new version , 1.0.2 released yesterday. You might want to try this. If the screen is unresponsive the watch may have crashed in some way.

I don’t have access to a 55 to test this unfortunately.

If i underdtand, map is not displayed on the watch ?
I have a forrunner 55 and it’s working for me.