GPS not activated when starting navigation with Garmin Venu

Hi there,
This map looks really promising but I’m experiencing some issues with my Garmin Venu watch.
mappily App downloaded, device registered, gpx route uploaded, and started on the watch and then waiting for GPS… so I started walking as sometimes the gps requires time to find the position. 200m - 500m - still waiting after 1km, and still nothing after 4,3 km, end of the walk.

Is it something I did badly or that I didn’t pay attention for?
According to Garmin, I should check in App parameter that GPS is activated but I don’t have access to such option with mappily.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance
Greetings from Belgium

Hi - Thanks for taking the time to ask.

The GPS fix is entirely up to the watch. The app just waits for the software on the watch to start reporting GPS coordinates. It has no control over how this GPS fix is achieved or how long it takes.

It should take no more than a few seconds to a minute to get a GPS fix outside under a clear sky. Standing still will help to speed that up, as will making sure the watch isn’t covered (either by your head, clothes or trees!). Among tall buildings it can take considerably longer because the signal reflects off buildings.

If you open one of the native apps (run, walk etc), do you get signal more quickly? If so, if you then quit that native app, does Mappily still take a long time to get a GPS fix, or is it quick?

The GPS settings are in the watch menus rather than the app menus, so you need to set them before you start the app. You may want to try turning it off and back on again. The only other possibility is that there is a problem getting a GPS and Glonass fix whereever you happen to be in the world. The Venu has Russian Glonass support and the App will use it if possible as it gives much better accuracy.

Let me know the outcome of testing other apps and we’ll work out the issue.