Forerunner 55 gpx file problem

Everytime I upload a .gpx file to my forerunner 55, when i turn it on, it shows a message with invalid route. a few month ago it was all fine.


Can you please share a gpx that does this? What error do you get on the screen?


I took one of your routes and loaded it into a simulated ForeRunner 55, but I was unable to recreate the error message. Can you please confirm a route which this definitely happens for?

Also, try disconnecting and reconnecting your watch to your phone. It will report Invalid route if the watch is unable to connect to the phone.

I will shortly release new version (1.0.5) which gives you the error code generated for an invalid route. Please download it and let me know what code you see.

It happens in every route that I uploaded, for example:


Doesn´t seem to be working. I´ll give another try later or just wait for the update.

I’ve released 1.0.5 which has a number of stability improvements. It also has a new menu item which will allow you to reset all the route data. You might want to try that and let me know whether it helps at all.

I haven’t managed to recreate the issue yet, so it may not fix it, but it might stop the app from crashing.

Hi - Do you get an error on the screen just before it crashes, and if so is it a 300 error code?

Are you using an iPhone or an android phone, and does it make a difference if you use wifi versus mobile data?


I´ve reset everything, phone and app.
This morning, after opening the app, it goes waiting for gps, then after 8/10 seconds it stopped and a Q logo appeared.
I´ve tried again just now, I had to register once again but it seem to work fine!

Glad to hear it’s working better now. I’m still looking into this to work out the cause and might release an update.

Please let me know if you experience it again

There’s a better fix for this in 1.0.6. Let me know if it happens again

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