Creating routes

How do i create routes using your app?


Apologies for the late reply. Turns out notifications aren’t on- I’ll fix that.

The are a number of ways to make routes:

  • The easiest is Register and plot a route and then link your ridewithgps account using the ‘connect’ tab on and it will import any routes you create as soon as you hit sync. (It will soon do this automatically so you don’t need to hit sync).

  • Use any site which allows you to plot a route and download the gpx file. You can then upload it directly to

Once you’ve got your route on mappily, simply load the app on the watch, load the menu and hit ‘Load Routes’.

Let me know if you have more questions


Hi David,
should my watch be connect with the cable to the laptop in order to send the gpx track I have on mappily? So it needs to be synced via garmin express?
How do I get offline maps of a region on it?

Nevermind this post. I rebooted my watch and suddenly the load and download offline map options appeared in the option menu. Watch is a Venu 2
So no need for cables. First run done and awesome!

You beat us to it. In case others are reading this, all the routes are available directly on the watch as long as you’ve put them on, either by syncing from ridewithgps, another site or uploading them manually.

You abolutely don’t need to connect the watch. In fact, from version 0.0.36 onwards, if you connect and create a new route it will appear in the list on and the watch shortly after starting the Mappily app (or you can sync it manually from the ‘Connect’ tab