Creating laps during activity

Is it possible to create laps during activity?
This is pretty much only feature that I missing or can’t find.

I am using Forerunner 745.

Hi - this is an interesting question. I dont think the lap button is hooked up to geneate a lap. Did you try it and what action does that button do on that watch in the app?

When activity is started it shows exit dialog.
If activity is not started then it exists application without exit dialog.

I don’t mind adding a lap through menu if this is an option, but it would be nice to have this functionally.

Thanks for confirming and highlighting that this was missing. This is pretty easy to add and will be in the next release, which should be in a couple of weeks. I’ll update this thread when it is released.

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Version 1.0.5 went out a cpuple of days ago and has fixed this issue. You can lap using the back button while an activity is in progress

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