Companion App for mappily

Hi there!

Firsr of all, great work, I really like the app and to have a map on my watch is awesome.

It would be nice to have a companion app to upload a gpx track on my watch.

I’m planning my routes with locus maps and export the gpx file to my watch via the locus add on for garmin. Then I could start the course from my watch.

So I am thinking of something like this for mappily. Or you have a the opportunity to export the file from an own app,where you can manage your tracks.

I hope you understand what I am talking about :thinking::wink:


Apologies for the late reply. Notifications are turned off, but I’ll fix that so we see these messages!

I find the best software for plotting routes is We have recently updated the website so you can link your account (and it will start to sync with the watch automatically once the next version of the app is released.).

Once that’s linked you can create a route on and it will immediately appear in the list on your watch, no syncing required. The version of the app to support this is just being tested and will be released in a few days. For now you can sync the routes using the sync button on the ‘Connect’ tab at

We’ve also added and will linking to other sites such as in due course.

Hope that’s useful. Any questions, let us know.


Hi David,

That’s really a useful feature. I created an account at and so far it’s a nice route planner. I also use komoot (which is, i think a german route planner). Are you planning to include this one as well?



Kamoot appears to lack some of the API endpoints that would allow us to connect it to Mappily and read the routes, but we’ll take a better look

BTW,. the version of the app which syncs automatically is now released, so you should always see the latest list of routes from rwgps in the list.

are you looking into implementing a direct link with wikiloc?
Thanks for the great work so far.

It looks like wikiloc doesn’t provide that connectivity yet either (Is there any public API for developers? - Wikiloc Help).

We rely on the website exposing that information programmatically so we can populate the routes. Strava, RideWithGPS and RunKeeper do this, but a number of others (including Garmin surprisingly) do not.

If they do, we’ll certainly consider adding them

Thanks for checking. Garmin and wikiloc have a good app, but is only supported by devices that can read courses natively.