[Bugs] No separator for moving time, hiding map field

I’ve just tried Mappily and I saw that:

  1. Theres no hour/minutes separator on “Moving Time” field.
  2. After setting map Field 2 to None, Field 1 dissapearded.

Hi- thanks for posting. The second one is a bug and a fix has been put in just now. You’ll need a wait a few days for a new version on the app store, but it will be fixed then. Thanks for spotting it.

Can you share which watch you’re using? The second one is very likely a font issue. Are you 1 hour 13 minutes into the activity? If so, I suspect it’s because it can’t display those letters (1h13m) in that large a font size. Please confirm and we’ll try to find a work around.

I’m using Forerunner 255.

Yes, but in all other activity apps I have “:” as a time separator.

There’s a fix for both of these in the next version which we’ll release in the next week or two. Thanks for highlighting

This is now fixed and released. Thanks for reporting it