A couple of questions


I am looking at buying my first smartwatch but have been frustrated that to have full mapping the Garmin models are so expensive.

Then I found this and got my hopes up, I really like the Venu 2 plus and have been thinking about buying that one.

But is it true that with this app I will be having full mapping? I really would like it when i am out fishing in the mountains and such to se how far the next lake or stream is, or that I am moving the right direction.

Is all that possible with this app and that venu watch?

Also i mostly use the map on my phone and free walk I dont load any specific routes, I like to freely look around the map and move around is it possible aswell with this app?

to zoom out the map and freely look around like ur using google maps on your phone for example


Good questions.

The app uses open street map data so it’s worth checking what open street map looks like in the locations you would be travelling through.

We show streams, rivers and trails along with roads etc. If you send me coordinates of a location, I can share what the map looks like in that location so you can judge. It’s possible very small rivers may not be shown.

The app automatically centres on your location wherever you are using GPS. You are always in the middle and as long as your watch knows the direction you’re moving in, (which it should) up is always ahead of you (unless you change the setting in the app to North Up).

You can zoom in and out on your current location using an up and down swipe on the screen, and you don’t need to load a route. You can just walk/run and the map will follow you. Obviously you need to load a route if you want off route warning and the route line to appear.

I use the app all the time for trail running on my vivoactive and never refer to my phone or Google maps, unless I’m looking for a shop, pub etc.

You can also use the maps offline (I.e. without your phone on you) if you load a route and download the map for that route in advance using the feature in the app.

Have a look at our YouTube videos for examples. Just search ‘mappily’

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